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KdeKoseKose in Ibiza
Specialists in unique pieces, haute couture, accessories and jewelry, KdeKoseKose offers workshops related to fashion “made in Ibiza”, which will allow
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Traditionnal Weaving in Thailand
Traditional Weaving in Thailand
Be a local artist for a day in Sukhotai (Thailand) : weaving your own silk, learn the story of local
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Original experience in Thailand - Create your own Sukhothai pattern in Thaïland (2)
Create your own Sukhothai pattern in Thaïland
Your memory through the history of Sukothai, Thailand. From one to three hours, create your own Sukhothai  pattern and paint it
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Traditional bulgarian dances and musics workshop in Gabrovo
If you are curious about rural Bulgaria and its traditional way of – sharing – life, if you want to
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Salsa and tango tours
Guided tours of the most emblematic places of each rhythm. Enjoy a live presentation of a couple of dancers and
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