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 The village develops an almost vertical slope. The houses, all in shale are located in very rough terrain, creating picturesque corners, which allow you to enjoy moments of privacy, always surrounded by magnificent natural landscapes. The whole village has a panoramic view of the mountain. The loneliness, the natural surroundings, hiking trails, creeks and dam in the brook, combine to allow good time for reflection and relaxation.

The Cerdeira is inhabited throughout the year and has local production of wood carving workshop of Kerstin, honey of António and teas and herbs from local brand “Planta do Xisto”. Residencies organized by Cerdeira Art & Craft and has several units of local housing Cerdeira Village.

Cerdeira is a magical place where time does not fly.


Artistic Residencies

The residency program in Cerdeira is promoted by the Cerdeira Art & Craft Association.

The  residency program is designed to provide the ideal environment for artistic creation while in direct contact with a natural setting.

From the breathtaking valley views to the perfect working and accommodation spaces, our visitor will involve themselves in an inspiring environment of artistic cooperation, where they can decide whether to do their creative work in the company of other artists or by themselves.

This programme strives to link art and craft to enjoyment of natural places, appealing to creativity through the use of local, recycled and biodegradable materials, as well as the respect for nature, contributing to an environmentally responsible consumption. The Government of Portugal classified the Cerdeira Art & Craft Association as of Cultural Interest.

Cerdeira Village provides accommodation for guests in self-catering traditional schist stone homes that are independent and fully equipped for a long stay or rent one of the bunk bends in the “Casa das Artes”, our shared building. Guests may also bring their family to take part of their creative experience if they wish to stay in a self-catering home. A small writing /working table is available at every home.

The fee depends on the type of accommodation. The fee charged for medium/long-term stays benefits from a discount on the daily rate. For more information on prices or shorter stays, please contact us to assess the situation.

Other activities happening at the space

  • Master Workshops
  • Exhibitions
  • Festivals


Creative Retreats

The Cerdeira provides optimal conditions for individual and group retreats.

In individual retreats, people will be accommodated on a self-catering cottages in the shale Cerdeira Village area, with the House of the Arts to develop their creative activity.

Also organize collective retreats 6-10 people can be accommodated in bunk beds. Can use the kitchen of the House of Arts or enjoy regional food catering. They can also learn how to knead and bake bread or crocheting regional dishes in the traditional woodstove House of Broas.

Requests for organizing retreats should be submitted previously describing the activities to be carried out, the necessary conditions and the desired duration.

Submit your application and meet our conditions.

 Master Workshops:

The Master Workshops are programs that provide artists and creative individuals accommodation, food, an intensive course, materials, recreational activities and the opportunity to connect with a new culture as well as new craft techniques.

Master Workshops include:

  • Introductory class to portuguese language
  • Course (wood crafts, tile painting, raku, felting or other arts and crafts)
  • Materials used in the course
  • Accommodation
  • Catering service
  • Cooking of a traditional regional dinner/bread baking at the village woodstove
  • Recreational activities (river descendants, climbing, rafting, paraglide and others)
  • Guided hikes
  • Guided tours and museums



Introduction to chestnut woodcarving

Brief history of woodcarving. Introduction to the techniques and raw materials. The chestnut wood and its characteristics. Mock-up, tool maintenance and resources. Development of a creative project.


Introduction to the Magic of Raku

Glazing and decorating with glass and ceramic dyes. Development of different techniques (dip, spray, wax masks, brushes). Control of a firing raku kiln, temperature control and removing process. Adequate security techniques and processes involved in learning. Piece decoration.



Earthenware illustration

The ceramic process, materials and equipment. Execution of sisal dolls. Preparation of water-based paints and painting with them. Light-dark technique. Execution of the stamp and ceramic chalk techniques. Preparing the glaze and glazing technique. Development of a creative project.


Wool, fabrics and other natural fibers. Brief history of felting. Maintenance of felt. Felting techniques. Experimenting with various fabrics and wools. Learn to make calculations of the shrink factor and the ability to apply it in molds. Development of a creative project.

Relieved Tile

History of the Portuguese tile. Learning the clay modeling technique inset, tools, utensils and equipment for ceramic modeling. Basic technical design, formwork techniques, implementation of a model and its plaster mold. Development of a creative project.

Tile Painting

Brief history of the tile, the ceramic process, materials and equipment. Execution of coal and sisal dolls. Preparation of water-based paints and painting with them. Light-dark technique. Preparing the glaze and glazing technique. Development of a creative project.

Woodcarving with power tools

Introduction to different techniques of woodcarving using power tools: manual wood turning lathe; angle grinder to chop, texturing, sanding and polishing; a milling machine for milling or texturing. Basics of sanding and polishing. Application of shellac using different processes. Preparation of a personal project.


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