Creative Experiences Worldwide

  • Tuscany is gastronomy !

    Tuscany owns the secret of mummies’ recipes ! Eat the best “pasta” ever but before that,  learn how to cook them healthily and creatively ! Enjoy your meal.

  • Tuscany for performing tours !

    Would you have once imagined that you would perform with your choir or your youth orchestra in monuments you had only seen on postcards ? The dream comes true and your endearing audience is waiting for you ! Let the magic happens !  

  • Open-air painting in Tuscany countryside

      One of the best ways to appreciate the beauty of the Tuscany countryside is by painting it ! Just imagine yourself, surrounded by such a wonderful nature and your talent filling the canvas ! This is more than art; enjoy such a lifetime experience !

  • Photographic rally in Barcelona

    This photography based activity leads you to some of Barcelona’s most famous sites as well as some off the beaten track.  This two-hours route will give you the opportunity to discover “the other” Barcelona as well as to exert your talent and express your creativity assessed by a renown professional photographer. An original, dynamic and […]

  • Oil tasting workshop in Lucena

    Did you know that there are hundreds of species of oil? Would you be able to differentiate them? This workshop will teach you how to do as well as to participate into the olive oil making process, and carry off your own bottle! For more information, click here

  • Jewish Music Workshop in Lucena

    Lucena is undoubtedly the place-to-be to experience the jewish music where this art has been shaping the culture for years. Moreover, Luceny is known as the city of music and harmony for tolerance, which will make your music workshop unique! For more information, click here

  • Ceramic workshop in Lucena : create your own perula

    What as better way to appreciate part of Lucena heritage than creating your own “perula”? …  The “perula” is a small pear-shaped vase used to keep the oil since the Roman. This ceramic workhop will inmerse you into Lucena’s history, as well as invite you to create your own contemporary piece. For more information, click […]

  • Learn at the ceramic school in La Bisbal

    Situated in the countryside, the ceramic school of la Bisbal is a creation, training and art research center, highly rooted and fully opene where you can follow ceramics lesson, draw and painting lesson, sculpture course, wood and furniture class as well as jewellery and glass during the Easter holidays or the summer. The school has […]