Creative Experiences Worldwide

  • Lobster trap fabrication at Musée de l’Île d’Entrée

    At the Musée de l’Île d’Entrée, watch and learn how a typical Entry Island lobster trap is made. This fun demonstration is suitable for all ages to enjoy! At the end of the demonstration, you will be given the opportunity to paint your very own buoy! More information…

  • Limaçon – Stone-cutting workshop

    Go on a stone hunt on the beaches of the Island to make your own masterpiece! Polish and make your stone pendant under the supervision of a professional. During this workshop, visitors will learn to cut and polish their own stone pendant, with insightful and professional advice from craftsman-jeweller Martin Fournier. Choose from several gemstones, […]

  • Biot-Photographic Creative Experience

    Live a photographic experience in Biot!

    During three days, pass from being a beginner in photography, to publish your own photobook and inaugurate your own exhibition! Coached by outstanding artists, you will learn about the techniques and secrets that make your creation so unique! Let you seduced by the charming hidden corners of Biot, and convert them into you own art […]

  • Biot-Glass Blowing Creative Experience

    Blow your own glass piece in Biot (French Riviera)

    Let you immerse into the magic of glass blowing by creating your own piece in Biot. This charming town of French Provence that inspired the most outstanding artists, turned into a world reference for the art glass through the unique “Biot style”! More information :  


    Pambiliño Reserve & Educational Farm

    Pambiliño Reserve & Educational Farm is an Independent Conservation Project, and a space where nature itself teaches the forgotten knowledge that we all have in the interior. In Pambiliño, conservation and education is promoted in the Chocó Rainforest of Ecuador working with the forest, with the community of Mashpi, with institutions and organizations, students, volunteers, […]


    Yunguilla Community Tourism

    The Yunguilla Conservation and Sustainable Use Area is the result of a process of community organization and environmental conservation that began in 1995, with a forest development project in the Yunguilla Community. From this project, the search for productive alternatives friendly to the environment began. Thus, organic orchards, dairy and fruit processing factories were implemented, […]


    School of Quito – Intarsia workshop : wood inlaying

    Art of furniture construction inlaid with wood, shell, bone, mother-of-pearl and metals. The Bargueños furniture are themost representative one. This workshop is held on the basic techniques of wood carving and inlaying, the visitor will learn about techniques of woodworking. Capacity Min 2 pax Max 15 pax Condiciones / Restricciones     Does not include materials Access […]


    Zabalartes-Old toys making workshop in Quito

    The wood is the protagonist of this workshop in which the yo-yos and the tops remind us of the games that were practiced in the Quito of yesteryear. The workshop allows to discover the process of elaboration of these games until their finishing (painting). The visitor can learn the basic technique for a ride on […]

  • Chocolate workshop in Quito

    “Chez Tiff” Chocolate specialists: 100% chocolate bars and combined bars. Chocolates and Truffles Micro training: Didactic tasting and hot chocolate ACTIVITIES: General explanation: agricultural and historical that includes: Delivery of hot chocolate for each visitor with milk or water. PROCESS: Roasting and grinding of cocoa beans, includes all the materials and delivery of the cocoa […]