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  • 0.0.Gastronomía. Foto tipo

    Oil tasting workshop

    Did you know that there are hundreds of species of oil? Would you be able to differentiate them? This workshop will teach you how to do as well as to participate into the olive oil making process, and carry off your own bottle! For more information, click here

  • Mara_Aranda_sefardita_bendhir

    Jewish Music Workshop

    Lucena is undoubtedly the place-to-be to experience the jewish music where this art has been shaping the culture for years. Moreover, Luceny is known as the city of music and harmony for tolerance, which will make your music workshop unique! For more information, click here

  • _46

    Learn at the ceramic school in La Bisbal

    Situated in the countryside, the ceramic school of la Bisbal is a creation, training and art research center, highly rooted and fully opene where you can follow ceramics lesson, draw and painting lesson, sculpture course, wood and furniture class as well as jewellery and glass during the Easter holidays or the summer. The school has […]

  • cores_terra2

    The Earth colors

    A trail in search of natural dyes:  Experience that will take participants to Serra do Caldeirão, in the village of Querença. Our partner,” Barroca, Produtos Culturais e Turísticos”, proposes to unveil some of the secrets of ancient colouring. During a small walk around the village, participants will discover some of the geological characteristics of the area, […]

  • taleigo Loulé

    Sewed a Taleigo bag in Loulé

    For several years sewing was part of the education of youngsters in Loulé. To learn how to make clothing, to embroider or to patch was exclusive to women. In this activity, led by our partner “Linhas e Livros”, participants will have the opportunity to know pieces of the history of Loulé´s seamstresses, their lives and […]

  • fotowalk_vitor_pina

    Photowalk: Loulé Street Photography

    Portuguese people, its expressiveness and mourish roots are the bases of this activity. Vítor Pina, a rewarded photograph, proposes a walk around the streets of Loulé, where participants will learn to take part of the amazing light of the Algarve to photograph the city’s human heritance. Participants will seize their vacations to improve their photographic […]

  • figos_cheios

    Figs with almonds workshop in Loulé

    Figs are a very abundant fruit in the Algarve hills. Its versatility results, throughout centuries, in a frequent use in local gastronomy, mainly in regional pastry. In this experience, the participant will have the opportunity to know a typical fruit from the Mediterranean, the way as, in the Algarve, it is dried and as it […]

  • Loulé 1

    Pottery workshop in Loulé

    In this activity, participants will meet Mr Francisco, an experienced potter full time dedicated to its art. To work clay or to tame the potter´s wheel, are experiences which you might live in the company of a local master. At the end, participants will take home the piece made by their own hands, as well […]

  • GMCooking

    Grandma’s Cooking – Barcelona

    It is almost 6 pm on May 22th, when we leave the Rambla Catalunya for the small streets of the Catalan capital. Yves is waiting for us and warmly welcoming us to his Grandma’s Cooking cooking class to discover the secrets of gastronomic traditions. Let us tell you! Here, the atmosphere is convivial! The group […]