• Initiation-Sardanes

    Tourisme créatif: Perpignan-Méditerranée Tourisme consolide son offre

    La crise actuelle, perçue comme une opportunité de repenser le tourisme, a fait l’objet de centaines de webinaires au cours des derniers mois. Mais au-delà des débats, certaines destinations ont également montré l’exemple. C’est le cas de Perpignan-Méditerranée Tourisme, qui a reçu le label CreativeFriendlyDestination, décerné par le réseau international CreativeTourismNetwork® en mai dernier, pour […]

  • llanquihue.turismocreativo

    Chile, new center of creative tourism

    The Creative Tourism Network® has been living in Chilean hours in recent months, collaborating with creative tourism and orange economy initiatives, all of which are more relevant than the others. – The School of Entrepreneurship in Creative Tourism, an activity of the Integrated Territorial Program Lago Llanquihue Destino Creativo, executed by Planeas and supported by […]

  • llanquihue

    Success of the School of Entrepreneurship in Creative Tourism in Lake Llanquihue

    The CreativeTourismNetwork® is very honored to have collaborated in such a brilliant project, through the conduction of workshops and mentoring. It’s director, Caroline Couret. highlighted that this model is a very pioneering one and a new model-to-follow! Congratulations to you all, and welcome Llanquihue Lake, among the CreativeFriendlyDestination!  Please, find the release below:  There were 11 sessions, […]

  • loulebdn

    LouléCriativo: French TV Program, Christmas Experiences and more!

    As you know, Loulé (Algarve, Portugal) is a model-to-follow in terms of creative tourism development. Please, find here an update of their last weeks activities:     LOULÉ CRIATIVO ON FRENCH TV: Loulé Criativo was featured in the prestigious French TV Program: “La maison France 5”.  Please, find the replay. CHRISTMAS CREATIVE EXPERIENCES:  Held within […]

  • natal2

    Barcelos Christmas Experiences

    CREATIVE CHRISTMAS WITH TRADITIONAL PRODUCTS Held within the safety legislation / subjected to sanitary context  ************** Christmas is an extraordinarily beautiful season and, in Barcelos, its magic is revealed in many aspects of everyday life, such as in the Christmas lights, in the traditional Christmas markets, where local crafts and folk arts are stars, in […]

  • gabergeegg

    News from Gabrovo Creative City (Bulgaria)

    Press release sent by Gabrovo Creative City, Municipality of Gabrovo: Gabrovo, with humor as part of its DNA!  Famed as the Capital of Humor, Gabrovo is a town where locals take pride in their ability to ironize themselves and entertain others with their frugality and sense of economy; tourists go for it as a destination […]

  • colb

    Creative tourism is coming to the Caribbean

    The adaptability of creative tourism to all types of environments is well established, and what is more along these recent months of crisis during which it has been offering itself as a solution to a good number of destinations, around the world, wishing to meet the expectations of local tourists in search of unique experiences. […]

  • 36

    Gabrovo bets on creative tourism

    Gabrovo (Bulgaria), bet on creative tourism to maintain its tourism activity throughout the summer season, by offering a wide choice of basketwork, sculpting, craft and gastronomy workshops, held in its 33 villages, perched on the slopes of the Balkans. The ideal place for relaxation, art residences for artists, and cultural encounters.  Handicrafts, traditions, humor, and satire, […]

  • Workshop - roosterpainting

    The Creative Tourism Network® dedicated the World Tourism Day to Creative Tourism and Staycation

    As this date could be seen as a return to certain tourist activity in both hemispheres, the Creative Tourism Network® proposed to virtually connect the experiences lived locally on each of its CreativeFriendly labeled destinations. Concretely, during this day, the destinations invited the local population to participate in a wide choice of creative experiences allowing […]

  • ECTN

    Creative Tourism consultancy

    It is an honor for the Creative Tourism Network(R) that its director, Caroline Couret, has been commissioned as an external expert by European Cultural Tourism Network (ECTN) AISBL, advisory partner of Cult-CreaTE Interreg Europe project. This relevant project aims to foster product development based on Cultural and Creative Industries for the development and promotion of cultural and creative tourism, with […]

  • VALPARAISO-CTN-02-1024x1024

    Valparaíso, the (creative) place to be

    Valparaíso… so often sung, described, painted, photographed… Valparaíso is a universe in itself. The city, which sounds like one of the most captivating music, moves to the rhythm of Cueca, shares exotic fragrances between its hills and extends its singular light, has inspired multitudes of artists and now seduces the most travelers. more creative. And […]