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    Gabrovo bets on creative tourism

    Gabrovo (Bulgaria), bet on creative tourism to maintain its tourism activity throughout the summer season, by offering a wide choice of basketwork, sculpting, craft and gastronomy workshops, held in its 33 villages, perched on the slopes of the Balkans. The ideal place for relaxation, art residences for artists, and cultural encounters.  Handicrafts, traditions, humor, and satire, […]

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    The Creative Tourism Network® dedicated the World Tourism Day to Creative Tourism and Staycation

    As this date could be seen as a return to certain tourist activity in both hemispheres, the Creative Tourism Network® proposed to virtually connect the experiences lived locally on each of its CreativeFriendly labeled destinations. Concretely, during this day, the destinations invited the local population to participate in a wide choice of creative experiences allowing […]

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    Creative Tourism consultancy

    It is an honor for the Creative Tourism Network(R) that its director, Caroline Couret, has been commissioned as an external expert by European Cultural Tourism Network (ECTN) AISBL, advisory partner of Cult-CreaTE Interreg Europe project. This relevant project aims to foster product development based on Cultural and Creative Industries for the development and promotion of cultural and creative tourism, with […]

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    Valparaíso, the (creative) place to be

    Valparaíso… so often sung, described, painted, photographed… Valparaíso is a universe in itself. The city, which sounds like one of the most captivating music, moves to the rhythm of Cueca, shares exotic fragrances between its hills and extends its singular light, has inspired multitudes of artists and now seduces the most travelers. more creative. And […]

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    World Tourism Day dedicated to creative and rural tourism in Medellín

    The city of Medellín dedicated the World Tourism Day to #creativetourism, #taycation, and #ruraltourism, with the promotion of creative experiences to be lived in the natural environment, just a few minutes from the city center. This initiative completed the actions that have been held through the last months, like the Product Competition, to enhance its creative […]

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    The Magdalen Islands adapt their offer to staycation

    Located in the heart of the Gulf of St. Lawrence (Canada), the Magdalen Islands adapted their tourist offer to this unprecedented period, with a wide array of creative workshops aimed both to residents and visitors. This archipelago of a dozen islands bordered by blond sand and red cliffs attracts like a magnet and represents inexhaustible […]


    Recife (Brazil) celebrated the Workd Tourism Day with a new video and creative workshops!

    Recife is a source of inspiration for international travelers willing to experience the essence of Frevo dance, Carnival spirit, Maracatu’s tradition, genuine crafts, unique lavours, and of course, people friendliness! On World Tourism Day, Recife sent an invitation to the world creative people through the following video!     … and programmed the following activities:  […]

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    Biot, a Creative DNA

    Biot seduces travelers in search of creative experiences and human values! For an hour, a day, or a week, you can learn about the local craft and of course, create your own piece: blowing a glass vase, shaping a sculpture, designing your jewelry, to mention but a few! Biot is the place to create! Creative Experiences: ● Contemporary […]

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    Outstanding World Tourism Day celebration in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli / Destination L’Islet Region (Quebec)

    Saint-Jean-Port-Joli and the MRC Tourism Office in L’Islet (Quebec) partnered with the Creative Tourism Network® to offer a day of creative workshops to local people and visitors on the first World Day of Creative and Proximity Tourism. During this day, six creative experiences allowed the population and visitors to rediscover their intangible heritage and to […]

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    Barcelos dedicated the World Tourism Day to creative tourism

    As part of the World Tourism Day, the Municipality of Barcelos organized a series of creative activities and experiences aimed at promoting and disseminating the artistic and creative potential of the city. On the weekend of September 26th and 27th, various activities were organized, such as creative workshops through which the participants could paint the […]