Diana Marcela Zuluaga, 5Bogota (Colombia)

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How would you introduce 5Bogota ?

 5Bogota connects local hosts with travelers who want to explore a destination in a different and unique way while supporting the local development, creating an extra source of income to local people who normally are not in touch with the tourism industry.

Which creative experiences define you the best?

We provide carefully  crafted travel experiences that will heighten your senses while supporting local communities.  

  • Don’t forget your kitchen apron. Get ready for cooking in an traditional-style Colombian family kitchen and prepare the most outstanding delicacies of our daily cuisine.

“ We try to make people feel like home ”


  • Put on your dancing shoes and prepare yourself to dance the night away to the rhythms of salsa, as you make new Latino friends.
  • Grab your sneakers and your fork and prepare to take the most delicious tour of your life, sampling classic local dishes and unexpected flavors at both well-known restaurants and hidden hole-in-the-wall gems throughout the city’s historical district.

What is the added-value of your project in terms of innovation and authenticity ?

Without any doubt one of the main characteristics of Colombia are Colombians! We are warm, kind and joyful; we try to make people feel like home by sharing our food and always offering you a good cup of coffee.

With this spirit we have found an incredible group of local hosts that believe that by sharing their experiences and their love for Colombia they are helping to build this country, but also to change its image to the world. None of them comes from the tourist industry, all are passionate about their profession and all love to share their way of living in Colombia.

 April 2017


For more informations : 5bogota.com